The slimmest, lightest, most affordable, silent Ethereum validator node on the planet!
This Dappnode and ARM based powerhouse lets you tap into solo staking with an ROI of less than 2 months, even if you stake only one validator. Its sleek design fits into every household, office or hacker space. Thanks to its ARM processor, the validator runs SILENT and uses less energy than any other Ethereum validator on the planet.
Buy one and start solo staking right away, or buy 4 and run your own Obol DVT Solo Staking or Squad Staking node.

If you pre-order today, you will get the best price and we will fulfill and ship your order before opening up the general public. Buying a bundle of 4 is meant for DVT solo stakers. You can distribute your 4 nodes in the following way - Home, Office, 2x friends home

Solo Staker